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Sergeant York of the Argonne Tour Guide

Sergeant York of the Argonne Tour Guide

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In 2006 the Sergeant York Project found compelling evidence indicating they had found the site where in 1918, Alvin York, a son of Tennessee, engaged a large group of Germans, killing 21 and capturing 132 prisoners. This was probably the finest example of single-handed bravery in WW1 and it earned Corporal York the Congressional Medal of Honor, promotion to sergeant and placed him firmly in the annals of American military history. 

The story has been passed down over the years, capturing the imagination of both schoolchildren and adults alike, and for many years students of military history have attempted, until now to no avail, to find the location in the Argonne forest where the action took place. 

The Sergeant York Project team consisted of a truly international team of academics, historians, a geographer and archaeologists from Belgium, France, England and the United States. Geographic Information Science was used together with historical records to locate the area. An authorised survey and search was carried out which resulted in the discovery of over 1400 artefacts, including a collar identity disc from York’s unit. 

"This slim, eminently portable guide has been produced by a member of the multinational Sergeant York Project team which includes Americans Tom Nolan and Michael Birdwell Chairman of the Western Front Association Kentucky-Tennessee Chapter. In addition to many useful maps and charts, and extensive information on the York battle site outside the village of Châtel-Chéhéry, this guide has tips for the traveller, information on other sites of interest, places to stay in the Meuse-Argonne region of northeastern France, as well as tables showing American ranks and AEF force structure". 

Len Shurtleff, Chairman U.S Florida - Gulf Coast Western Front Association. 

Innovatively Included in the guide is: 

Satellite navigation positioning where this and the site where the German machine-gun that fired on York’s patrol is included in the guide book, enabling the tourist to navigate directly to the spot. 

The book contains maps and photographs including a map annotated by the group leader Dr. Tom Nolan of MTSU which shows where the artefacts were discovered. 

In addition are details of many other American sites of interest from WW1 together with French battle areas. As an aid to the traveller, satellite navigational points have been included together with details of hotels and restaurants. 

This guide is an invaluable aid to the battlefield tourist wishing to visit U.S. sites of interest in a particularly beautiful rural area of France. 

Author: Michael Kelly.

Paperback journal. 80 pages. B&W with some colour. 210mm x 148mm

ISBN 978-0-9559386-0-3

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