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In Flanders Fields CD

In Flanders Fields CD

(Reference: BBJ302)

Released to coincide with the centenary of World War I, In Flanders Fields: the Poetry of World War I features and wonderfully atmospheric recordings of some of the greatest and most evocative war poetry ever written, telling the story of the Great War, reflecting the horrors of the trenches and underlining the futility of conflict.Full production CD with inlay information booklet.


Track Listings
1. Break Of Day In The Trenches (Isaac Rosenberg)
2. Awake (William Watson)
3. To Belgium In Exile (Owen Seaman)
4. Joining The Colours (Katharine Tynan)
5. The Soldier (Rupert Brooke)
6. Strange Meeting (Wilfred Owen)
7. Drummer Hodge (Thomas Hardy)
8. May, 1915 (Charlotte Mew)
9. Tommy (Rudyard Kipling)
10. Into Battle (Julian Grenfall)
11. An Appeal To America On Behalf Of The Belgian Destitute (Thomas Hardy)
12. A Girl's Song (Katharine Tynan)
13. In Flanders Fields (John McCrae)
14. The Man He Killed (Thomas Hardy)
15. Noise Of Battle (D H Lawrence)
16. Rain (Edward Thomas)
17. The Sentry (Wilfred Owen)
18. Pro Patrim (Owen Seaman)
19. Death 1 (Rupert Brooke)
20. My Boy Jack (Rudyard Kipling)
21. Often When Warring (Thomas Hardy)
22. Exposure (Wilfred Owen)
23. Death 2 (Rupert Brooke)
24. June, 1915 (Charlotte Mew)
25. Men Who March Away (Thomas Hardy)
26. To The Shirker: A Last Appeal (Owen Seaman)
27. And There Was A Great Calm (Thomas Hardy)
28. Safety (Rupert Brooke)
29. Dead Man's Dump (Isaac Rosenberg)
30. Dulce Et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen)
31. Anthem For Doomed Youth (Wilfred Owen)
32. At Last Came Death Vi & V (D H Lawrence)
33. Justice (Rudyard Kipling)
34. The Cenotaph (Charlotte Mew)
35. Peace (Rupert Brooke)

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