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Ghosts of Vimy Ridge Fine Art Print

Ghosts of Vimy Ridge Fine Art Print

(Reference: BBJ102)

The Canadian National Vimy Memorial stands on Hill 145, the site of the famous victory by the Canadian Corps in April, l917.  Today, the Vimy Memorial does more than mark the site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  It is a monument to all Canadians who died or risked their lives for freedom and peace in the First World War.  Carved on the walls of the monument are the names of 11,285 Canadians who were killed in France and whose final resting place is unknown.  Altogether, 66,655 Canadians died in the Great War.

Will Longstaff' painted this circa 1928/29, before the monument was completed.  It is said that he used the sculptor's plans to execute this work.

The theme of this painting closely follows his other works and portrays the spirit of the Canadian Corps.

Resembling the Menin Gate at Midnight in composition, The Vimy Ridge Memorial stands dramatically on the summit beneath which the shimmering spirits of Canadian Soldiers gather in the silvery moonlight.

The original painting was presented by Captain John Dewar to the people of Canada in 1931.  The painting, oil on canvas, measuring 10 feet by 5 feet 7 inches, is displayed in the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.

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