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World War Two DVD

World War Two DVD

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Britain's response to Germany's Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland in 1939 was the British Expeditionary Force, sent to Europe to prevent the Germans following their successful airborne invasion of the Low Countries with an armoured assault against France. The BEF'S enforced, heroic withdrawal at Dunkirk - shown here in dramatic film footage - left the Royal Air Force, under Sir Hugh Dowding, to win the Battle of Britain and postpone Nazi invasion plans indefinitely. The Royal Navy's early fortunes on the high seas under First Lord ( soon to be Prime Minister) Winston Churchill are followed, as are the desert tank battles in North Africa, where British armour prevailed under general O'Connor at Torbruk. The rapid fall of the Metazoans Line to German assault, despite British reinforcement from Africa, saw Hitler turn his attention from Greece to Russia, opening another front and stretching his forces to the limit. As World War II entered its second, decisive phase, the British Army showed its teeth at El Alamein where Montgomery's victory halted Rommel's armoured sweep through North Africa. Further East, Hitler's Barbarossa attack on the Soviet Union provided suicidal: German surrender at Stalingrad was followed by Kursk, the biggest ever tank battle that left Russia poised to punch into the heart of the Reich. These and other momentous events are portrayed through front-line film footage and carefully researched contemporary accounts. In the Far East, Japan followed their pre-emptive strike at Pearl Harbour with rapid territorial gains before being pushed back from Midway by American naval might. In Europe, RAF Bomber Command directed by Arthur Harris blitzed German cities as the D-Day invasion of Normandy - Eisenhower's Operation Overload - was taking shape. By April 1945, U.S. and Russian forces had Berlin surrounded: the liberation of Europe was complete.


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